Thursday, July 27, 2017

Da Lat - One Of The Most Romantic Attractions In Vietnam

Located 200 km northeast of Ho Chi Minh and at an altitude of 1,500 meters, Da Lat has the appearance of an old French city. It was founded in 1897 when Doctor Alexandre Yesin recommended that the area be developed as a resort.

Da Lat has many natural and artificial such as Ho Xuan Huong, Than Tho, Da Thien and Tuyen Lam, which are all bordered by rows of pine trees, one of Da Lat’s best-known features. A trip to Da Lat is not complete without a visit to the Flower Garden. The temperate climate is suitable for orchids, roses, lilies, camellias and a wide variety of other flowers.

Tourists can go on from Da Lat to nearby Langbian Highlands, home to many ethnic minorities. Langbian Mountain’s highest peak (2,165 m) is very tempting for climbers. From Lom Bieng Klo peak, one can see endless green mountains reflecting the golden rays of the sun. There are many organized tours in the area, including parachuting and climbing.

Some traveler ever said: “If you are in love, a week in Da Lat – a rhythmic land of flowers and romance- will make your love turn into a happy ending!”… -beautyscenery

Da Lat digambarkan sebagai sebuah bandar kecil di dataran tinggi yang popular dengan vila-vila bergaya Perancis kerana merupakan daerah santai di zaman kolonial Perancis suatu ketika dulu.

Da Lat merupakan satu-satunya daerah di Vietnam yang berudara sejuk sepanjang tahun yang juga terkenal sebagai The Honeymoon Mecca untuk masyarakat Vietnam. Tidak hairan jika pasangan Vietnam ramai yang memilih Da Lat sebagai lokasi berbulan madu yang romantis dan tak terlupakan.

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