Thursday, July 27, 2017

Hoi An Ancient Town - Vietnam’s Most Atmospheric And Delightful Town

Hoi An is an old town down the Thu Bon River, on the coastal plain of Quang Nam Province, about 30 km south of Danang City. Hoi An Ancient Town was recognized as World Cultural Heritages by UNESCO in 1999.

The architecture of Hoi An, which is almost entirely of wood, is of considerable interest. It combines traditional Vietnamese designs and techniques with those from other countries, above all China and Japan, whose citizens settled there to trade and built houses and community centres to their own designs. The typical house conforms to a corridor plan, the following elements occurring in sequence: house, yard and house.

Today, Hoi An is also known as a shopping paradise that attracts tourists towards its wonderful souvenirs, handicrafts, antique pieces, silk materials and art paintings, and so on. Hoi An old town with colorful lanterned nights, with cristinely old plain houses and special mysterious cultural elements, and with the etiquette & culturally hospitable and friendly people are warmly welcoming you. -beautyscenery

Hoi An adalah sebuah bandar kecil di Vietnam yang bercirikan Jepun. Ini kerana, terdapat sebuah jambatan bercirikan senibina Jepun yang menjadi salah satu tarikan pelancong utama di tengah-tengah bandar Hoi An. Dahulunya bandar ini merupakan pusat perdagangan penting Vietnam untuk para pedagang dari China, India, Belanda dan Jepun. Ciri-ciri lampaunya menyebabkan kita terasa seperti kembali ke zaman dahulu. Terdapat banyak bangunan yang menampilkan ciri-ciri budaya China dan Jepun. Berkunjunglah ke Hoi An, pasti menyeronokkan.

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