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Destinasi Keenam Chiang Rai: Monkey Cave & Temple @ Wat Tham Pla


Destinasi Keenam: Monkey Cave & Temple @ Wat Tham Pla

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Monkey Cave & Temple

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Monk & Monkey

Monkey Cave & Temple

Tangga naik ke gua dan kuil di puncak bukit. Kami turut mendaki tapi tidak sampai ke cave dan puncak. 

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Sedikit info berkenaan Monkey Cave & Temple ~ Wat Tham Pla means fish tail and this temple is found about 13km (8 miles) south of Mae Sai. The temple is also known as the Monkey Cave Temple after the macaques that live here. Apart from the monkeys, the main attraction is the cave from which the temple gets its name: Tham Pla. Crossing the bridge over the fish pond fed by the crystal clear stream running from the base of the mountain, up nearly 300 hundred steep stone steps cut into the its side; the path then levels out into a deep, narrow gorge with steep vertical sides formed when the roof of a long cave collapsed.

At the top of the main flight of steps, at the entrance to the gorge, is a platform perched on the very edge of the mountain. Around two hundred meters long, the gorge is supposed to look like the tail of a fish, hence the name. At the far end of the gorge are a dozen slippery steps leading in almost complete darkness to a cavern with a partially collapsed roof, which at least allows a bit of light to enter. There are two main chambers each with elevated Buddha figures in a well maintained area.

Rehat makan tengah hari di sebuah restoran di tepi jalan dalam perjalanan ke Mae Sai. Makanan dan minuman termasuk dalam pakej.


Meneruskan perjalanan selepas makan ~ budak tu dah dapat teman dari Holland.

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