Saturday, March 3, 2018

Destinasi Kelapan Mae Sai: House of Opium Museum


Destinasi Kelapan: House of Opium Museum

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House of Opium Museum

Sedikit info berkaitan House of Opium Museum ~ at the Golden Triangle, about an hour from Chiang Rai, and as the name suggests is a museum dedicated to the opium trade in the Golden Triangle (the Golden Triangle being Thailand, Myanmar and Laos). The House of Opium is fascinating as it has an enormous collection of old opium pipes, weights and scales, and other drug paraphernalia. The museum also has a great collection of religious items; miniature carved jade animals, ornate boxes, necklaces and much more. It’s a 3-storey museum that also has a large gift shop that sells some extremely cool stuff - reproduction opium scales and pipes, posters, t shirts, books, etc. Entrance fee 50 baht.

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